Finals Week at ESU

By Cassandra Sedler
Staff Writer

If you find that your skin is breaking out, that you’re snacking on anything you can get your hands on and that you have zero time for a social life, you can be assured that it’s almost finals week.

So, it’s official: The stress and anxiety of finals are upon us.

After a much needed Thanksgiving break, it was even harder to get back into the routine of writing papers, studying, etc.

However, there is still hope and plenty of helpful tips that will get you through and help you to ace the rest of this semester.

Without a doubt, coping with this time can be even more troublesome than preparing for the actual exams.

First and foremost, some helpful strategies to battle the dreaded test anxiety include listening to upbeat music, exercising or even hanging out with friends.

Perhaps time with friends can be considered more a distraction than anything else, but this distraction can just as easily motivate you and help you study better.

Without de-stressing first, studying can appear impossible, but by using these simple tips, you can face studying with an open-mind and an attitude to strive for that A.

Lastly, stay positive and get enough sleep.

Don’t stop studying until test day, when you know the material by heart.

If you follow these tips for managing your anxiety, then finals week will surely be a breeze.

Before you know it, the semester will finally be over.

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