Standing Rock: Protests in America

Standing Rock symbol. Photo Credit / Brooke Todd Standing Rock symbol. Photo Credit / Brooke Todd
Standing Rock symbol. Photo Credit / Brooke Todd
Standing Rock symbol.
Photo Credit / Brooke Todd

By Brooke Todd
Contributing Writer

Pipelines have been a harsh threat to our environment for a variety of years.

While many are aware of their harm to nature, they are not as informed of when it becomes not only a threat to the environment, but to society itself.

The Standing Rock Reservation is land that was given to the Sioux Tribe through a treaty.

The tribe has been residing there for centuries and are currently undergoing hardships with our government.

While America had previously dictated to them through this treaty that they could live there, currently, the government is requesting that they leave their grounds in order to build a pipeline.

This unfair request has led to many protesting in order to keep the area they have grown up in.

Although protests are common in America, the retaliation by the government is considerably harsh, to the point where it’s considered physical abuse.

From tear gassing, drones flying over the reservation and cold water being sprayed on protesters during freezing weather, America’s government is currently disrespecting citizens’ right to protest.

Unfortunately, the government has failed to admit their faults, and most people became aware of the happenings of Standing Rock through social media sites.

While people here in East Stroudsburg do not feel like there is much they can do, EB Tattoo on Crystal Street gave us a way to contribute.

On Dec. 3, this tattoo shop gave forty dollar tattoos to those that felt strongly about Standing Rock.

The tattoo given was the symbol of Standing Rock designed by a descendant of the Great Sioux nation, also known as those who reside in Standing Rock.

As one who felt sympathy towards those who are suffering, I immediately felt a need to contribute to the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

EB Tattoo raised $1,000 for Standing Rock.

After a long day for these tattoo artists working hard to admirably contribute, the news announced to the nation that the building of the pipeline has been temporarily stopped.

Although hardship and brutality occurred during these past few weeks, it is important to note that it is not useless to protest.

While many people have this conceived notion that protesting does not effect our nation’s opinions, Standing Rock is a direct example of how common citizens can work together to achieve a goal larger than themselves.

As one who received a Standing Rock tattoo on Saturday, I am proud to admit that I am a part of something bigger.

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