Trump is Not Uniting the Country Like He Claims

By Richard MacTough
News Editor

Actions speak louder than words. Trump has promised the country that he wants to unite us all, yet he picks people for cabinet positions who have sympathized with the Ku Klux Klan.

Jeff Sessions, a senator of Alabama, was blocked by the Senate in the 1980’s for racial remarks towards a colleague.

Sessions told Thomas Figures, an African-American, that he needed to be careful what he said to “white folks.” Figures also claimed that Sessions said, “the KKK was ok, until he found out they smoke marijuana.”

Jeff Sessions is also a climate change skeptic like Trump.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, was testified against in court for saying, “he doesn’t like Jews,” and that he didn’t want his children going to school with any.

It has been argued that Bannon is responsible for the movement of the alt-right.

Bannon was head of Breitbart News, and helped to push the movement of the alternative right.

The group has blogs that speak in support of white supremacy.

Some examples can be found at

Trump shouldn’t dare talk about uniting the country when he is speaking out against protests regarding the election, and is not speaking out against the acts of hate from the constituents on his side.

Trump led a ridiculous movement for years that tried to prove President Barack Obama was not a citizen of this country. The Birth Certificate has been used time and time again to show that he is. Trump never apologized to Obama for any of it.

It was a movement of hate, and Trump could not accept a black president. His company was also sued for denying housing to African Americans back in the 1970’s.

Betsy DeVos has been appointed Secretary of the Department of Education. She currently heads the American Federation for Children.

The National Education Association has opposed her nomination, arguing that she wants to put money in charter schools and undercut public education. They also claim she wants to corporatize the nation’s school system.

Trump is a hypocrite for chastising Hillary Clinton for taking super PAC money from Goldman Sachs.

The President-elect has now appointed Steve Mnuchin, who began his career at Goldman Sachs and worked there for 17 years before becoming a partner. He is just as corporate as Clinton and does not come close to understanding the struggle of blue collar workers.

Trump is not someone to have faith in as a leader. He is not for the entire American people, but only for a select few classes of people who believe in certain religions.

He is going to continue making things worse for minorities in our country.

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