Advice Column: How to Deal with Roommates

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

Having tough issues that you don’t know how to solve? Or, do you simply just need advice about something but afraid to ask your friends?

No need to fear Angie and Glenn are here!

We will be the newspaper advice column and we are eager to answer any questions that you have from relationships, school, and maybe even fashion tips.

We write weekly articles about topics that you can email us and we will give you both the male and female perspectives.

To start this week, we will be giving some helpful tips as to how to deal with roommates. I know this may seem simple, but not everyone knows how to deal with their roommate.

For starters, communication is key. Your roommate cannot read what’s on your mind. If something is wrong, speak up. You are adults and should be able to say what’s on your mind in a respectful way.

Also, make sure you talk in person and not through text messages. You cannot hear the tone of voice with your roommate, and some things can get miscommunicated.

Everyone knows that communicating is not easy and disagreements will happen, but you must come to a compromise.

You have to find ways to make sure everyone is happy.

Respect everyone else’s finances. You did not know everyone’s money situation, and it is best to not flaunt if yours is better than your roommate’s.

Also let your roommate know when you plan on having company. You don’t live there by yourself and giving your roommate that extra heads up is always best just to see if they’re comfortable.

As well as giving your roommate that heads up, you also need to give your roommate space. Everyone needs that time to themselves to relax and think, plus there’s nothing wrong with a little me time.

Most importantly remember that everyone was not raised like you. People come from all different cultures and backgrounds and some people are more sensitive than others. With openness and willingness, you can make any roommate situation work.

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By Glenn H. Williams Jr.
Contributing Writer

Hello! My name is Glenn Williams, I am a sophomore going to East Stroudsburg University and a communications major focusing on public relations.

This is my first time writing for the newspaper other than just giving quotes and I am very excited to help the students in any way that I could.

Alongside me I will be working with Angela, another new fresh face in the newspaper like myself, it will be here that we would give advice for ESU based on a male, mine and Angela’s on the female perspective.

A common issue that most students have is adjusting to sharing a room and then the habits of that person.

The easiest way in my experience is try to get to know said roommate and do your best to understand them.

Everyone has their quirks, I definitely have mine, mutual understanding is the best way to friendship.

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