Get Hooked on These Competitive Reality TV Shows

By Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer

“Big Brother”

Over the course of the summer, a group of handpicked contestants share a house with “hidden” cameras monitoring their every move.

Through entertaining and messy challenges, players gain power and safety while simultaneously making alliances in order to avoid being voted out by their fellow housemates.

Though winning the half-million-dollar prize is top priority, friendships, showmances (show – romances) and drama almost always get in the way.

“Dancing with the Stars”

Celebrities are recruited and paired up with professional dancers in this television competition.

Each week, the pairs perform dances of different predetermined genres in front of the four main judges, the occasional celebrity judge, the live audience and the viewers at home.

A combination of the judges’ scores and votes casted from viewers determines which pair wins for the week and which pair goes home.

“The Challenge”

This MTV hit started off as a spin-off from two other shows called “The Real World” and “Road Rules.”

Cast members are made up of only alumni from the two shows, participants in MTV’s other programs and a variety of newcomers based on the season’s theme, which range from bloodlines to battle of the exes to rivals.

Competitors fight during the day in exhausting physical and mental challenges and party all night creating drama and tension that account for half of the show.

Those lucky enough to make it to the end have to battle it out in a gruesome multi-part challenge that they must completely finish in order to win.

“America’s Next Top Model”

This reality show provides an opportunity for aspiring models to rise to fame and claim the title America’s Next Top Model.

Contestants are judged every week on their participation in challenges, photoshoot pictures and their overall appearance, and every week a contestant is sent home.

Littered with drama and catfights, there is a rare chance that all the contestants are getting along throughout any point over the course of the show, adding to the drama that already surrounds this highstakes journey.

“The Amazing Race”

Teams of two race around the world in hopes of winning a one-million-dollar prize to split in this reality game.

Usually divided into 12 legs, contestants must find their way around exotic countries by communicating with locals, searching for checkpoints and completing physical and mental challenges.

A team is eliminated after every leg, and the first team to finish at the end is awarded the prize money (not to mention the experience of traveling the world.)

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