Catch These Must-See Horror Movies on Netflix

By Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer

“The Good Neighbor”

This 2016 thriller centers around a pair of high school best friends who decide to conduct an experiment on an unsuspecting neighbor.

While using hidden cameras and microphones to record everything, the two use a series of set-ups to imitate a haunting in order to see how their elderly neighbor will react.

However, the experiment quickly takes a turn for the worse, and the neighbor turns out to be more than the unexpecting, grumpy old man the pair thought he would be.

“The Rezort”

This British horror film basically creates a spin on “Jurassic Park,” but instead of dinosaurs roaming freely, it’s zombies.

After a deadly pandemic swiped across the nation followed by a devastating war between the living and the dead, a small island was turned into a luxury resort where tourists were able to hunt the left-over zombies for fun.

But when a system failure leads to the resort’s security malfunctioning, the dead are once again on the loose, and the whole island is at risk of infection. One group of tourists tries to fight for their survival and make it off the island, but during their journey, they discover a secret that was never meant to be found.

“It Follows”

This psychological horror follows a girl, Jay, who is followed by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter.

After a movie date with her boyfriend, Hugh, Jay is warned that she will be followed by something that she cannot escape from. She is told that “it” will take many different forms, such as a loved one or a random stranger, but will always walk at a slow pace directly at her.

Hugh tells Jay that she cannot let the entity get to her, because if it does, it will kill her, and then will go after Hugh, and then the person who gave the curse to him, and so forth.

The only way to get rid of the curse is to pass it on to someone else and hope they survive.


This thriller takes place in a cabin in the woods occupied by a deaf author, Maddie, who lives alone.

One night, a man lurking in the woods kills Maddie’s neighbor directly in front of her house. When the killer realizes that Maddie does not hear her friend screaming for help, he begins to play games, knowing that she will be an easy kill.

Maddie must try everything she can to survive and puts up a fight until the very last scene, proving that she was not as easy of a target as the masked man might have expected her to be.


This American horror film begins with young bride-to-be, Mallory, driving through a deserted mountain area when her car breaks down unexpectedly.

Not knowing what is wrong, Mallory accepts the help of a man who quickly fixes her vehicle. After driving a few feet, Mallory feels guilty and offers him a ride.

When the man starts acting strange, Mallory asks him to get out of the car, but instead he pulls a knife on her and tells her to keep driving. In order to escape her obvious fate, she drives the car off the edge of a cliff.

When Mallory wakes up, the car is flipped over and she finds that her leg is stuck in between the seat and the door. The man, awake and not seriously injured, leaves Mallory in the car, but comes back every day to torture and taunt her.

Mallory is left to fend for herself and find a way out before she dies, or before the man kills her.

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