‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Comes Halloween 2017

By Lauren Shook
A&E Editor

Super Bowl LI brought football fans to the edge of their seats this past weekend.

However, those who aren’t dedicated Falcons or Patriots fans had another reason to get excited.

The hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” is set to release its second season on Halloween 2017.

The commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl, opened on a clip of two kids arguing over a steamy pile of eggos.

Fans definitely picked up on the reference to Eleven’s love for this quick breakfast food.

The ad also shows our favorite characters in “Ghostbusters” inspired outfits, clearly ready to face whatever fresh horrors are ahead of them in the new season.

Fans have eagerly awaited any information regarding the next season after the cliffhanger at the end of season one.

The last time we saw “Stranger Things,” Will had finally been returned home. However, this relief was short-lived.

Just when we see Will safe and sound from The Upside Down, he gets suspiciously ill. One of the rumors swirling between fans is that Will is to be the season two villain.

The commercial also shows us a brief image of a new monster, even larger and more terrifying than last season’s Demogorgon.

Mark your calendars now so that you can binge-watch the newest season of “Stranger Things” when Halloween rolls around.

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