Trump’s Feelings Toward the People in America

By Charlese Freeman
Contributing Writer

Many things can be said about Donald Trump and his presidency.

It is definitely safe to say that he is not America’s favorite person right now, especially after his recent immigration plan. Trump made an executive order to ban refugees and people with passports from predominately Muslim countries.

Americans all over the country filled airports to support their fellow Americans.

The protests were to show that whether Muslim or not, they too live in this country.

This brings me to my main question. If Donald Trump feels so strongly towards immigrants, who are American citizens, how does he feel about other minority groups and ethnicities who are too Americans?

This executive order about immigration seems to focus more on the Muslims, but I am sure it will not be long before there is an immigration act that focuses specifically on the Hispanics or those from Spanish speaking countries.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump has already given his very negative views and stereotypes on Mexicans and Hispanics as well as on Muslims.

I do not think Donald Trump’s actions are for the best interest of the country, but his actions are based solely on his bias toward other ethnicities. Trump has already showed that’s he is not favorable among protestors.

There are feminist supporters, black lives matter protestors, environmental protestors and more.

The feminists dislike Trump’s view on abortion.

The environmentalists dislike his stance about climate change and other environmental issues and the Black Lives Matter activists just disagree with everything Trump does.

In fact, the only people who agree with the anything Trump says are the people who voted for him and even some of them are question rather they made the right decision.

As president of the United States, Donald Trump needs to accept the fact that these are the people that live in America.

We are all different and we have different needs that Donald Trump has to meet as the commander-and-chief of this country.

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