Advice Column: Know Yourself and Know Your Worth

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

In K. Michelle’s hit song “Can’t Raise a Man” she tells it all. She is absolutely right when she says, “You can’t raise a man.”

Guys will never change in mind; only in age and dealing with them can be tricky.

Steve Harvey has even written a book called” Act Like a Lady, but Think Like a Man,” but do we really listen to his words?

As young female adults, we should listen to what other guys have to say about us because what other way to know a guy is by taking advice from another man.

Steve Harvey tells his female readers that guys will say anything to get what they want, and he is right.

Ladies, we must pay attention to what these males are saying to us and make sure what they are saying to us is real.

Girls tend to fall in love easier than boys do, and lose themselves when they fall in love.

We as females have to be careful who we share ourselves with and be sure it is not for all the wrong reasons.

Being in love is a great emotion. It is the best feeling in the world to know that someone loves you back.

Just as easy as it is to fall in love, it is just as easy to say three simple words–I love you.

This sentence is what makes girls go head over heels for, and we go crazy if guys say it first. Be careful what your partner says because it can be all talk
and talk is cheap.

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