Getting Adventurous on a College Budget:Low Cost Adventures Just Minutes from Campus

By Brook Reeder
Contributing Writer

Are you looking for something exciting to do outside of your dorm room and are limited on income?

East Stroudsburg and the surrounding areas are filled with adventurous activities that won’t take a chunk out of your wallet.

For those who are avid skiers or snowboarders, Camelback Mountain now offers a “college pass” for the season at just $249.

The college pass provides students with full access to the mountain and resort anytime, Sunday through Friday all season long.

The college pass also allows students to visit Saturdays any time after 3 p.m. it also grants students access to the slopes all day everyday beginning Mar.
1 through the end of the season.

By purchasing the college pass, students will also receive day passes to Camelbacks new indoor waterpark, Aquatopia for only $19.99.

Camelback Resorts official website states, “The college pass is ideal for the student who wants to get a few runs in after class or is planning to spend a
few days on vacation with friends or family.”

Being just a short, 15-minute drive from campus, students can easily access Camelback Mountain via taxi.

If students are looking for something less costly, also just a short ride from campus, students can visit Pocono Go-Karts and Play Park in Marshalls Creek.

One ticket at the park costs a mere $6 and is good for one hour of go-karts or target paintball, or one round of 18-hole miniature golf.

According to their website, Pocono Go-Karts and Play Park was the “first park in the northeast to create the first full size go-kart track.”

The adult go-kart track offers “a super 8 with a length of 1400 plus feet, has a tunnel running under a full-size track bridge, and night lighting for
evening racing.”

The park is the perfect day trip for a group of friends or for families with young children who visit for parent’s weekend here at ESU.

Finally, for those who are looking for a free and entertaining activity outside of campus, Mount Tammany and journeys through “Alice,” both growing
attractions among ESU students.

Mount Tammany stands at 1,526 feet tall and forms the east side of the Delaware Water Gap. The trails are located off route 80, about a ten-minute drive
from ESU’s campus.

Alumnus Anna Porpora stated, “One of my favorite things to do at ESU was to hike the numerous trails. It was a great form of exercise as well as a good way
clear my head and get away from the stress of school.”

Along with breathtaking views, it is not uncommon to see wildlife along the various trails. “I once saw a black bear cub and mother on the red trail of
Mount Tammany” stated Porpora.

Prospective student, Madison Waldsmith stated, “I’m looking forward to exploring the area. I’ve seen many pictures of the views and they are breathtaking.”

“Alice,” as it is referred to by ESU students is found within the Delaware River Viaduct that connects Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Alice is located off route 80 toward the Delaware Water Gap, about 15 minutes from campus. The graffiti-stained bridge is a popular attraction among ESU

After a short walk through brush, and up a hill, visitors will come to manholes that one must crawl down to see the graffitifilled tunnels.

Famous figures from Alice in Wonderland are painted throughout the attraction such as the Cheshire Cat as well as the quote on a wall reading, “Welcome to
Wonderland” in multicolored graffiti.

Senior Kristina Kaprio states, “I’ve been to Alice a few times. It’s always a little scary going climbing down the ladder to the bottom, but the rest of the
area is amazing. It’s also a great day out with friends.”

Trails such as Mount Tammany and areas such as “Alice” are positive ways for students to spend their days away from campus.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, grab a few friends and head out, without regretting it int he morning.

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