Why Are Human Rights Protests Being Criticized?Keep Fighting for Your Rights

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Protests have been judged poorly by critics of ignorance who fail to understand how it is critical to the nation.

In over five states, anti-protest laws are being proposed to penalize individuals demonstrating their freedom of speech.

Protesters are dehumanized as jobless, law-breakers and free loaders.

Individuals demonstrate their 1st Amendment freedoms and continue to get bad judgments from the far right.

The Boston Tea Party was illegal.

The far right Republicans consider it one of the most patriotic boycotts and protests in history.

Where are they to criticize this breaking of the law?

There were no complaints about the protest for anti-abortion laws.

Trump and Pence congratulated the marchers.

In North Dakota, Republicans are putting forward a bill for motorists to run and kill protesters as long as it was “accidental.”

This is outrageously inhumane and a threat to what the constitution is supposed to stand for.

Protests have children and women.

Proposing something should be putting these politicians in jails.

Silencing protestors by saying it is ok to kill them is terrorism.

We have terrorists serving under the government.

Crime rates could go up for environmentalists destroying something such as oil pipelines.

Destroying property is absolutely a crime.

Lawmakers, however, want to classify it as a felony that can result in punishment up to 18 months.

This an authoritarian punishment.

The United States of America is not supposed to represent our government this way.

Human Rights are at risk even more than ever.

Trump wants to ban immigrants from America which is absolutely unconstitutional.

Airport protests helped to now allowing something so unethical and callous to happen.

Americans are allowed to exercise their rights granted to them by their founding fathers.

Where is the country with censorship from the media, from our own thoughts?

George Orwell—a critically-acclaimed novelist—may have just predicted a dystopian society.

This is a society that does not care about civil liberties and has also a declared democracy that keeps power to the people and not just fascist leaders.

Protesting has always and should never be challenged because it is a fundamental right.

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