Commuter Leagues Engages Students with Weekly Dodgeball Games

By Claire Crown
Contributing Writer

Since last semester, every Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30, MRC hosts a Commuter League Game.

This semester the sport is kickball, last it was dodgeball. The driving force behind the move was simple: ESU has a large commuter population, and those students deserve the chance to participate in special events while on campus.

According to an SAA survey last semester, the ‘best’ or ‘preferred’ time for such activities is 2:30 to 3:30, Thursday afternoons.

It’s particularly important for the Rec Center staff to incorporate commuter activities, such as GroupFit classes during the day (like Core Cycling, Rec B, Friday’s 12:15-1:00).

As stated in the Core Values for the Rec Center: “…the staff strives to provide programs and services that meet the needs of all individuals…”

Taking the time to talk to Lauren Motzkin, Assistant Director of Leagues and Club Sports, there’s a clear passion in the project.

She admits, “I can’t pretend to know what students want, but I want every student, commuter, athlete, or otherwise, to come to the Rec and enjoy what we can offer.”

The Rec Center, while offering a variety of activities on a regular basis (tennis, ping-pong, foosball, a social space, and basketball to name a few), staff generally schedule Leagues and Special Events in the evening, when on-campus students are more likely to participate.

So far, there’s been a core group of participants in the Commuter Leagues, 15 or so faithful gathering every Thursday for kickball between classes and responsibilities.

“I’d love to see more students come, so we can make a tournament-style event of it,” Motzkin explains, “But I also want feedback from commuters: what do you want from these events, what sports would you want to play? And, really, it’s a chance for everyone to get together, play, relax, in a way they might not get otherwise.”

If you’re a commuter, or on-campus student, swing by MRC next Thursday, and feel free to contact Rec Center staff about events or sports you’d be interested in. After all, it’s YOUR Rec, and you deserve to enjoy it.

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