East Stroudsburg University Professor Promotes Open-Mindedness

Professor Cynthia Hamill is an inspiration to her students. Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki
Professor Cynthia Hamill is an inspiration to her students.
Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki

By Alexandra Bender
Staff Writer

Of the many exceptional professors at East Stroudsburg University, Professor Cynthia Hamill stands out.

Professor Hamill is currently finishing her doctorate.

Her research is focused on first-generation Hispanic college students, their sense of belonging on campus and how it will affect their success.

Professor Hamill studied International Business and Modern Languages at Saint Francis College, now Saint Francis University, in Loretto, Pa., where she obtained her undergraduate degree in 1982.

She also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, which she obtained in 1998 while working. In 2011, she completed her Master’s degree in Science here at East Stroudsburg University.

She has completed all her coursework for her Doctorate at Marywood University, and she is currently writing her dissertation.

Her highest degree is ABD (all but dissertation), which she achieved in 2015 from Marywood University.

She has studied politics and pop culture in the 1950s and comparative higher education in different countries.

When studying business, she focused on designing culturally appropriate marketing strategies for global companies, as well as social and cultural capital and success for first-generation college students.

As a professor, Hamill’s primary subject is public administration.

When asked what attracted her to the discipline, she said, “Public administration is about service to others, which is something that was missing in my business career.”

Professor Hamill loves teaching introduction classes because she can cover multiple different concepts over the course of one semester.

“I also love teaching my senior and graduate classes because we can really dive into ideas and philosophy,” she said. “But if I had to pick a favorite topic, it would be organizational behavior.”

Professor Hamill’s teaching approach is unique.

Students in her classes are made to feel comfortable and confident. “I try to develop a learning community in each class where everyone feels like a valued member,” she said.

As she begins every course, she makes it clear that students can approach her with any issues they may have, even ones that do not involve her classes.

Briyana Cofield, a student at East Stroudsburg University, said, “Because of Professor Hamill, I am one semester away from graduation here at ESU. She helped save my academic career because she cared.”

Hamill has concerns regarding current political matters, but it depends on the issue. “My stance on many topics comes from my life experiences,” she said.

“I am a first-generation American. People come to America for a better life, not to commit a crime. I believe in equal pay for equal work. I have been paid less than a man for more work in my career.”

She appreciates most that she and her colleagues come from very different backgrounds, bringing interesting views to different topics.

“It is a great way to learn about many different things and about yourself through the eyes of others and their perspectives,” she said.

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