President Displays an Act of Racism

New York Times article of "Fight Trump, Not His Voters." Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper New York Times article of "Fight Trump, Not His Voters." Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper
New York Times article of "Fight Trump, Not His Voters." Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper
New York Times article of “Fight Trump, Not His Voters.”
Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper

By Yaasmeen Piper
Staff Writer

While skimming through the New York Times I stumbled upon an article titled “Fight Trump, Not His Supporters” by Nicholas Kristof.

The article begins by reflecting on his controversial tweet.

“A few days ago, I blithely tweeted a warning the Democrats often sound patronizing when speaking of Trump supporters,” he wrote.

According to Kristof, majority of liberals and Democrats have labeled Trump supporters as racist and “misogynist bigots.”

This fury should be directed at the President instead of his followers.

I agree that stereotyping Trump supporters is wrong considering we do not know these millions of people individually.

However, after hearing Trump bash the entire Mexican race, be endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan, and brag about groping women, I wonder: How could anyone vote for this man?

“For the most part, I agree with people should stop name calling on both sides,” said Political Science major Juvy Orillaza, “it’s dividing us easily.

[Kristof] did have a point saying a lot of people voted for Obama because he was black without even knowing if his policies.

But Obama also didn’t spread hate.”

Kristof writes “Trump tires to ‘etherize’ Muslims, refugees, unauthorized immigrants, and other large groups.

It sometimes works when people don’t actually know a Muslim or refugee, and liberals likewise seem more willing to etherize Trump voters when they don’t know any.”

Trump labeling Muslims as terrorist and attempting to get them banned for the country is an act of fear from ignorance.

Not all the Muslims are extremist or terrorist and majority do not support these extremist.

The millions who voted for Trump heard all the things he said about minorities and decided to elect him as the in the highest power position in America any ways.

“Tolerance is a liberal value; name-calling isn’t,” said Kristof.

“But why is it a liberal value? Shouldn’t it be a value for everyone?

And the fact it says name-calling isn’t, both sides are name-calling.

That’s just opinionated America. Everyone thinks they’re right and not budging,” said Orillaza.

“His hate brought out so many people who always say they don’t care about politics.

He’s a business man who has no background in law but has a background in cheating the government.”

The fact is the even when Trump’s term comes to an end, America will still be left with the millions of people who spewed hatred at each other leaving our country split in half.

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