The Shoe That Lived Forever: All Star, An All-Time Favorite

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

Have you ever noticed a common shoe? One you probably see almost every day? A shoe that does not have a dress code or designed specifically for a certain type of outfit? Foot wear that is not owned or segregated by one culture?

The Converse All Star, other wise know as Chuck Taylor, is a shoe that fits that description exactly. It was and continues to one of the most popular shoes of all time.

According to chucksconnections, the converse history website revealed the sneakers were originally created for athletes. According to the site’s history, the Converse Rubber Corporation first opened for business in 1907.

By 1917, the sneaker was developed with basketball players in mind due to the rising popularity of the sport at the time.

Later, towards the 1920s the shoe became more of a hit as Charles ‘Chuck’ H. Taylor wore them playing professional basketball.

According to an article in Daily Global Journalism by Teresa Novellino, taylor later got his trademark patch put on the sneaker as he become a salesman for them, giving the sneaker its signature nickname under the Converse brand.

Over one hundred years later the shoe with its Chuck Taylor All Star patch is still being worn today by people of all ages, races, genders, religions and even career types.

Chucksconnections reported that, “As a matter of fact, 60% of all Americans own or have owned at least one pair of these sneakers!”

The sneakers can be worn with nearly any outfit, from kickball recess shoes to stylish hipster shoes with dresses and with long jeans or jean shorts, any clothing really.

Unlike other shoes that fit a certain category of what type of clothing you can wear with it, Chucks are different.

With running shoes, they are primarily worn by athletic people, for sports or the gym, just like rain boats are for the rain.

Maybe the sneaker stands out for its simple yet creative design. With a rubber sole and normally a cotton canvas. Chucks are also light weight and retail for the affordable price of just of $25 and up depending on design.

Based on this pattern, it seems the All Star shoe will continue to be a favorite among everyone for another 100 years.

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