Begone! Quick and PainlessSkin Care Remedies

Home remedies are a quick, natural fix for troublesome skin. Photo Courtesy / PureTropix Home remedies are a quick, natural fix for troublesome skin. Photo Courtesy / PureTropix

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

Everybody has gone through waking up having clear skin one moment and then having a fat pimple the next.

We have all been there and will probably go through it again, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any tricks to get rid of them.

Breakouts are normal, so don’t be ashamed because those pimples will be gone in no time.

The first trick is using ice cubes. By using ice cubes, it dries the pimple out and the ice can be utilized to diminish swelling.

Next, you can try lemon juice to get rid of your pimples. Lemon juice is full of vitamin C and it helps pimples dry up faster.

Dip a cotton swab in the lemon juice and dab it to the pimples before going to bed.

This is an old trick, but applying white toothpaste also helps to get rid of pimples. You can either have it on the pimple all night or before you go to bed, but you must leave it there for at least half an hour.

According to, “baking soda is another powerful home solution for dispose of pimples on the grounds that it encourages peel the skin to evacuate abundance oil, and dead skin cells”.

Make a thick paste by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with some water or lemon juice and wash your skin well with warm water twice a day for quick results.

Try steam to get rid of pimples. It opens up your pores and flushes out all the terrible stuff.

Fill a huge pot with high temp water and position your face so it comes into contact with the rising steam.

Lastly, apply cucumber to exterminate pimples. Cucumber is filled with potassium and vitamins that greatly impacts the skin.

According to, “cucumber juice is a characteristic cure utilized as a part of numerous Middle Eastern and Asian nations to help cool and cool the skin”.

Cut and soak the cucumbers in water and use the cucumber juice to wash your face. I hope these work fast to help your face become beautiful again.

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