Do What’s Best For You

By Kevin Harris
Staff Writer

So we are all here in college, and the is the time where confusion, stress and anxiety hits us the most.
When this happens we normally look do some on to talk to or someone who can steer us in the right direction. The problem with that is the fact that the people we talk to tend to give the wrong advice, or only give words of wisdom that will more so help them out in a situation.

You cannot simply just blindly follow everyone’s advice no matter how stressed you may be. College is the time when we are left on our own (with a little bit of help from home), but one all college is here to us to learn responsibility and pick up for ourselves as adults.

Sometime you have to make choices for yourself and do what you think is best for you.

Who ever you may go talk to will not be there in the long run of your life, and if their advice does not work for you then what will you do. It is best to start finding your own path and listen to you gut feeling. You will never truly be on your own if you let everyone make the choices for you your entire college career.

Sometimes it’s best to take your own advice, if you have a gut feeling then you should follow it for sure.

The worst thing you can do is second guess yourself. We all make mistakes, and if you happen to make one then you should use it as a life lesson and learn from it. It’s okay to learn from a mistake because that is how you grow, but never make a choice and go back on it because it can be one of the best decisions you go up make.

As long as it benefits you then you should be okay because it was in your best interest.