Nails: Picking The Perfect Spring Color

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

April Showers bring May Flowers!
Yes Spring is in the air and the bright and fun colors are back.

Easter is here and that means Easter nails, but thinking of colors are time consuming.

Not to worry, there are beautiful Easter colors and designs out there that you just haven’t tried yet.

For instance, you can’t go wrong with being pretty in pink. Pink is a fabulous color to wear because it pretty much goes with everything and you can add a flower design for a special effect. It’s a warm and delicate color, but it is also a safe color because it is everyone’s go to, so don’t be afraid to branch out and look for other colors such as blue.
There are many shades of blue, but for this occasion you are looking for a baby or a sky blue. These types of blues are welcoming and eye catching because it is a soft color, but also really pretty. If blue doesn’t match your Easter outfit, try yellow.

Yellow is a bright and vibrant color that could brighten up anyone’s day. It is a perfect Easter color and you could top that off with cute zig zag lines or even an Easter bunny, but yellow isn’t everyone’s favorite color.

If yellow is not the fit for you try green not an army or forest green, but a light, teal, or mint green. These colors are great for Easter because they are also inviting colors on the nails to make them stand out; for added color you could put a gold sparkly line down the middle.

If green is not the color you are looking for, try purple. Purple is a calming color that goes perfect with glitter, but not the only color.
Orange is another friendly color that is great for the spring season that you could even add polka dots to make it more jazzy and is also cute with gold glitter.

If you’re not into colors, try white, nude, and even a basic french manicure.

These are all enhancing colors that go with any outfit choice and they don’t have to be considered Easter nails.

Making a nail decision is always hard, but it is also very exciting when choosing that right color.

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