4 Action-Packed Series Based on DC Comics

'Supergirl" airs Mondays at 8pm on the CW

By Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer 

This American crime series based on the DC comics character Green Arrow revolves around a masked vigilante extracting revenge and protecting the citizens of Starling City.
The main character, Oliver Queen, returns to Starling City after spending five years ship-wrecked alone on a mysterious island. Once a playboy billionaire, Queen fights to rekindle his relationships and pick up the pieces of his father’s death.
Uncovering secrets of the city, Queen vows to protect his home from criminals with his bow and arrow and the help of a few friends.
This superhero series based on the DC comics character of the same name combines action, drama and comedy in a fast-paced and adventurous show.
Kara Danvers, later known as Supergirl, was sent to Earth as a 13-year-old to protect her cousin. However, after being trapped in the Phantom Zone for 24 years, Danvers finally lands on Earth finding that her cousin has already grown-up and become Superman, no longer needing her help.
After years of not using her powers, Danvers unexpectedly revealed her metahuman skills during an unanticipated disaster, leading to her role as protector of National City as Supergirl.
“The Flash”
This series based on the DC comics character Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, follows a group of friends on their endeavor to protect their city from newly created metahumans using their powers for evil.
After an advanced particle accelerator explodes, Allen is struck by lightning that puts him in a coma for nine months. Upon waking, Allen realizes that he has superhuman powers that were not present before, as do many others.
Through training and coaching, Allen, with the help of his friends at Star Labs, continuously saves his city from criminal metahumans while dealing with powerful enemies out to get him and the people he loves.
DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow”
This superhero action-adventure show combines a series of characters from DC comics who together form a team of time-traveling heroes.
After a man named Vandal Savage kills time master Rip Hunter’s family, Hunter goes rogue, throwing together a team of metahumans, criminals and assassins to help him extract his revenge.
However, Hunter’s revenge is quite often put on the back burner as the team tries to deal with Savage’s attempts at altering the course of history in order to benefit his evil ways. Eventually, the team becomes known as the legends that protect not only the world but time itself.

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