Dorm Construction Inconveniences Students

Large construction vehicles have a difficult time navigating campus.

By Kathleen Kraemer

The construction of the new dorms is a disruption of my education and an inconvenience to commuter students in multiple ways.

As a commuter student, I have already expressed my dissatisfaction with the limited parking on campus. This issue has been exacerbated this semester, as they have removed an entire parking lot for construction of the new building.

The parking is limited further, however, by the constant blockages caused by the construction vehicles. Regularly when I attempt to park in the morning I cannot, not because there aren’t any spots, but because I cannot get to the spots. I am blocked by large awkward construction vehicles that cannot navigate on campus.

More than a few times, I have been late to class because of these vehicles. They have a tendency to block entire intersections so that I have to go all the way around campus to get where I need to be.

The other day, I was told by one of the workers that I could not make the turn I needed to make because of the truck that was stuck in the intersection.

The pedestrian students also don’t move out of the road to compensate for the extra space the construction vehicles take up. As a result, the road alongside the construction is reduced to one lane shared by pedestrians and cars.

I understand that the university wants to increase admissions by making more dormitory space for resident students, but I don’t understand why they are willing to sacrifice the current, mostly commuter, student body.

They could easily wait until weekends or later evening hours to move the large vehicles around campus. It would slow down construction, but it would be less frustrating and disruptive to current students trying to get to class.

They could also wait a couple more weeks and kick into turbo mode over the summer break.

Regardless, I am frustrated by the university’s apparent disregard for my ability to park on campus. I don’t think it is wise to alienate the entire commuter population when that is the majority of their student body.

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