Injured Airline Passenger Receives Brutal Treatment

United Airlines is one of the most used airlines in the U.S.

By Cassandra Sedler
Staff Writer

Last week, social media was in a firestorm against United Airlines after a passenger, Dr. David Dao, suffered injuries including a concussion, and broken nose after security officers dragged him from his seat and off the plane.

The troubling video captured by other passengers of the inappropriate confrontation between the airline authorities and Dao circled rapidly around social media and outraged its viewers.

As a result, United Airlines saw a one day stock drop of $250 million.

In response, United Airlines has released several public apologies; however, the airline should be prepared to give Dao generous compensation.

Dao, among three others, were randomly chosen by the airline to be escorted off the plane because the seats on the flight headed to Louisville were filled, but additional crewmembers were needed to board the already booked flight.

This situation is not uncommon. Nevertheless, the manner in which the situation was carried out by the airline is beyond unacceptable.

Once Dao refused to give up his seat, airline officials should have immediately offered a sufficient compensation to the passenger, or asked for a volunteer.

Instead, the confrontation escalated to an outrageous level, and left a passenger with numerous injuries.

Therefore, Dao is absolutely justified in hiring one of the top lawyers in the country to represent him in his lawsuit against United Airlines.

The slew of apologizes on behalf of the airline for its bad judgement should only be accepted by the public when it comes with a profitable compensation for Dao.

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