Rainy Day Styles: Bad Weather Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad Hair

Bad weather doesn't have to mean bad hair

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

As you might have heard, “April showers brings May flowers”. While these next two months will be wet and humid, you do not have to sacrifice your lovely locks to the spring season.

While rainy days usually do not go well with having a good hair day, there are several alternative styles to choose from. Most times throwing up a hoodie is the easiest option, however, there are hairstyles that are both cute, functional, an cute hairstyles that are rain friendly.

For starters, try a simple bun. Depending on your choice of style, you could choose a middle or side bun, or a high or low bun. If complex styles are not really your thing, a classic bun with a pretty headband can also work well for rainy weather.

If you do choose to do a bun style, the possibilities are endless. Buns are very versatile and can be placed anywhere on your head. You don’t always have to create a high bun. If you have shorter hair or less time on you hands, Low buns can also be a life saver. Buns in general can be done in a matter of seconds.

Start with a normal ponytail. You can choose to braid your hair or just wrap your loose hair around the ponytail. Next, you could also try a crown braid. A crown braid is a simple braid that is plaited across the whole head in a circle.

This style is simple, cute and looks like you put in a lot of effort, but the truth is, the style is really easy to accomplish If that doesn’t work, a basic middle or a stylish side ponytail with or without a part will almost always do the trick.

If you have time, you could try french braids or a regular braided ponytail so that your hair doesn’t frizz up. You could also try the double braided look that is so trendy right now. Braids protects your hair from the rain and are a great protective style in general.

To spice up any style, hair accessories are a nice addition. The messy tossed hair look is also weather appropriate. With a little conditioner or gel, messy hair can look nice without looking sloppy.

No matter your style, rainy days are probably not your friend. If done properly, your hair can be both protective and cute. Don’t let the rain stop you from shining


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