Senate President Andrew Kissling to Step Down

Andrew Kissling in the upstairs Union. Photo Credit / Laura Null
Andrew Kissling in the upstairs Union. Photo Credit / Laura Null

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

“I feel like I left the student government in a good position to do what they need to do,” said President of ESU’s Student Senate Andrew Kissling

Business management and junior Andrew Kissling is stepping down from senate and looking to get involved in other activities at the university.

Originally, Kissling joined senate his freshman year with the encouragement from the former senate president Drew Johnson, who also happened to be Kissling’s orientation leader.

Kissling discussed always being interested in senate, being part of the finance committee freshman year. Then, sophomore year he became the finance chair and got involved with money that went towards student activities.

With Kissling having leadership background from being an Eagle Scout, he chose to run for senate president and was elected.

Additionally, Kissling described the changes from his time in office compared to Johnson’s.

“Drew was more of a people person, he thought more emotionally. I’m more task oriented,” said Kissling.

Then, Kissling went on to describe the positive effects Johnson had in senate, by making it more diverse and personable. He then mentioned the “Humans of ESU” Instagram page that was created by Johnson to focus on the students.

Further, in Kissling’s time as president he brought change into areas that needed expanding. He described there being a lack in business and senate originally not having the strongest of goals. Kissling describes him making senate, “more business oriented, then personable.”

With Kissling in office senate had accomplished multiple tasks. This includes tackling student issues, which was related to academic advising and all the problems that are caused each year during registration time. Senate had set up a program to guide and teach advisors how to advise their students.

A change Kissling was most proud of was the full update and review of the organization, creating a new senate constitution.

Kissling said, “Never in the 30 plus years has someone sat down and read and updated it.” He discussed that the bylaws were updated in 1997, but there was no mention of the Student Activities Association.

Further Kissling discussed senate amending almost every section in the constitution and said, “The changes will last for years to come.”

With Kissling as president, senate was able to achieve their four main goals.

First goal being engagement: to interact with everyone as best as they can. Second, branding: showing the university and community who and what senate is. Third, diversity: focusing on representing everyone. Fourthly, service: making senate best equipped to serve the students.

Furthermore, with the impact Kissling has had on senate, it is the only committee he has been a part of in college and has decided to put his talents else were in the university.  Kissling described his college experiences as him putting all his eggs in one basket (senate) and he has not had time to do other activities.

“I feel like I have a lot to offer to other areas of the university.” said Kissling.

He added that he may consider rerunning to be part of senate, but as of now he has other plans.

So far, Kissling along with his friend Dean Lang have started their own radio show called THE MIX, at 6 p.m. every Thursday on 90.3 WESS radio. On the show, they play all different selections of music, talk about light hearted news and have people on to do interviews.

Kissling plans for his senior year are to go job hunting and getting involved in other organizations. Kissling said he wants to, “see how I can grow myself as a person.” And has hopes to one day be his own boss because he, “enjoys serving the people.”

On an ending note Kissling said, “At the end of the day I think it’s been a great experience being part of student senate.”

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Kissling would like the clarify that he is not stepping down, but rather not seeking re-election


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