Advice Column: What to Do Now?

What to do now?

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

In the upcoming week, summer vacation will soon begin.

Usually, when the words ‘summer’ and vacation’ are heard in the same sentence, countless number of things come to mind.

There is no doubt that everyone will want to relax and enjoy their time.

Furthermore, the two common luxuries can be found through using the summer time wisely.

In other words, it is just as rewarding to do something for yourself as it is to allow the time to go by.

Initially, what a person defines as ‘doing something for yourself,” can vary amongst people.

Some of the most common things people do is work, exercise, travel, volunteer, play, research, shop, read, watch television, visit loved ones, listen to music and more.

Along with these, doing something related to one’s major can be just as rewarding as any other past time.

As an English major, I know I am looking forward to reading the numerous books I have laid out for the summer.

Also, I am excited to spend my time writing and learning more on the ways I can improve for the fall semester.

Call me crazy, but I am someone who enjoys learning anything related to my major.

Sometimes I learn that I do things wrongly, however it simply gives me the opportunity to grow.

In this case, summer vacation is like a free opportunity to better yourself in some way.

People can choose to focus on their major or they may simply relax.

My goal during summer vacation is doing both.

Yet, it is understandable that not everyone may want to think about their major during summer vacation.

As much as I admire reading and writing, there are times when I want to push it off to the side.

That is exactly why all of these past times exist.

Every college student’s first priority should involve his or her major, however one should never become overwhelmed.

Therefore, it is important for all us college students to treat ourselves this summer vacation and for all the others to come.

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