Festivities Finals: Laurel Hosts Late Night Carnival

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By Charlese Freeman

Staff Writer

It’s crack down time. You guessed it—Finals week! The time is here for students to start last minute cramming, essays and “all-nighters.” If only there was a place for ESU students to go to kick back and relax before the rush of finals officially starts.

Well, Laurel Residence Hall had the right idea in mind. Finals was the last thing on ESU student’s minds, as they gathered in Laurel residence hall for a late night indoor carnival.  At 10 pm – Midnight on Saturday, April 22, Laurel Residence hall hosted, a carnival themed “get together” for students.

Students participated in a fun game of ping pong toss. If they won, students could choose from a number of prizes such as teddy bears, bags of candy and even pet gold fishes.  The best part about the event was everything was free. Students did not have to spend a dime to enjoy themselves. Just fun, food and friends filled Laurel’s lounge.

We cannot forget the delicious snacks which included cotton candy, popcorn, cheese pizza, Rita’s water ice and soft drinks.

This event was a fun way for students to relax and have fun before they have to put all their focus on finals. It is important for students to remember to find the balance between hard work and fun.

According to ESU student, Ayana Perkins, This event was a great distraction from the all the “finals chaos”. Surely, other ESU student can relate to how Ms. Perkins feels.    

Also, students laughed and interacted with their friends as well as enjoying a fun photo booth. The photo booth included wacky props for students to use in their pictures such as masquerade masks, hats and signs.

Overall, the carnival themed get together was a successful event. Who says you have to have rides to have a fun carnival. All you need is the company of your fellow students.

This event was one of the few events that will help student “cope mentally” with the pressures of finals.   

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