Students Embrace Their Culture at ESU’s Caribbean Night

Shanice Edwards and Alynah Morales with the Dominican flag Photo Credit/ Natasha Punch

By Natasha Punch

Contributing Writer

The air thumped with reggae music, at Caribbean Night at Zimbar Gym last Thursday evening . The strobe party lights lit the dark room with more than 60 students dancing and waving their flags that represented their Caribbean culture. The aura of the room was infectious. Who knew that ESU had such a strong Caribbean presence?

“Be wild and free, never be afraid to show where you come from,” said out of breathe, dance contest winner, Meisaj Closs as she had her Jamaican flag sticking out her back pocket. Closs won for a dance well known in the Caribbean called the dutty wine. There were four contestants that danced their hearts out in the middle of the crowd to compete for the crown. Closs won the unanimous decision from the crowd cheering her on as the judge raised her hand. Compared to the other contestants, the crowd had the loudest roar for Closs, she unequivocally was the best dancer of the night.

The DJ played the latest songs from reggae artist such as Vybz Kartel, Kranuim and Tory Lanez.

As the intense reggae music continued on, students waved their flags to the music. The flags that swayed in their air where the Jamaican, Guyanese, Trinidadian and Panamanian flag just to name a few.

“We wanted the students to come and fully embraces their Caribbean culture in a cool and safe environment,” said Dominique Washington, President of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and the illustrious sisters of Mu Sigma Sorority had a strong prominent presence throughout the night. They both strolled as the crowd looked on and celebrated.

The Xplosion step team warriors, all dressed in colorful African coordinated outfits, as they stepped in unison for their well-known step routine.

Students celebrated side by side their fellow Caribbean peers as the music vibrated throughout the night.

Caribbean night was one of the many cultured events that Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity sponsors at ESU. If anyone is interested in upcoming events contact Juanita Jenkins, Director of Multicultural Affairs

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