Advice Column: Sept. 14, 2017

Today is the 18th day of this semester, and I hope that everyone is prepared for it. If you are not, then hopefully you will be soon enough.

Either way, the amount of work us students are given within the first few weeks of school can be a tremendous drag.

The number of syllabi we receive, the worksheets, the homework, the lectures and so forth can be scary.

Additionally, some of the requirements can be stressful and confusing, too.

Because of this, I encourage everyone to take the time and learn the best methods to succeed in their classes.

This is an important and helpful piece of self-knowledge for many reasons.

Initially, we are all students. However, we all learn differently.

For this, one person’s approach to a class may not be the same for another person.

As I write this, I remember my last week of summer vacation.

My youngest brother, Galdim, was preparing for his freshman year of college.

He asked for school supplies, advice and simple everyday questions about college.

As his older sister, I was more than happy to help him and educate him on college.

Naturally, I offered him a variety of supplies; I did not want to limit him because I was aware that he may have his own preferences.

Eventually, I allowed him to see everything for himself.

That way, he had the opportunity to pick and choose with a clear mind-set.

On the contrary, it is good to be open-minded, and experiment with different approaches, organizational habits, perspectives and so forth.

However, if you choose to experiment, don’t forget that you are doing it for yourself, not for the world, therefore, your choices be must based upon your standards.

In addition, you may come across the desire to just get things done, and although ‘getting things done’ seems nice, it may not be.

If you do not take the time and learn the best methods, not only will your thoughts can get scattered.

At the end, you must be happy and satisfied.

Secondly, it is important because it will and can affect you in some way, whether it is emotionally, mentally or physically.

It’s college.

It’s nearly impossible to not get stressed out.

Sometimes, the stress may be from a family situation, a friend, poor habits or decision-making, school, work or something else.

As a junior, I have experienced numerous mishaps that affected my health one way or another.

Likewise, I have seen stressed students, and all I wanted was for them to be their happy selves.

Previously mentioned, it is impossible to avoid stress, but what is not impossible is learning how to cope with it.

Overall, taking the time to learn about yourself and the things around you can be annoying and time-consuming, but it surely helps grow you as a student, as well as an individual.


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