ESU Student Becomes Victim of Theft on Campus

The suspect’s 2006 BMW 330Xi that was captured by security cameras. Photo Courtesy/ ESU

By Adam Capotorto

Contributing Writer

On Aug. 31, a student’s book bag was stolen from their car. The theft occurred across from the SciTech building at 12:13 p.m. on Normal St.

The perpetrator of the crime is a light skinned black male, around 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

The perpetrator was wearing a white suit, possibly with blue pinstripes, a white baseball cap and white shoes.

The victim drove to the campus at about 12:13 p.m. and parked on Normal St.

During the ten-minute interval, the man in question was walking up and down Normal St., peering into the cars parked along the road and checking to see if the doors of the cars were locked, all the while talking on his phone.

The thief eventually came to the victim’s car, found it to be unlocked, and then made off with the bag that was inside.

“He’s definitely had some experience,” said Chief of Police, William Parrish.

Experience is assumed due to the mannerisms of the suspect.

Video footage of the theft shows that the man used the time of day and the location to his advantage.

Normal St. is one of the busiest parts of the campus, especially around noon as students walk to and from class.

The suspect used the crowded sidewalks to blend in, walking around with his phone to his ear to avoid any attention being drawn to him.

“No one expects someone to commit a crime at such a busy time of the day with so many people around,” stated Parrish, in reference to the time of day the crime was committed.

The suspect was also spotted getting into another car before stealing the bag, however, it is unknown if anything was taken.

Students on campus are shocked by the theft. “It’s sad to see someone was treated this way on campus. ESU has always been, to me, a safe place for anyone,” said Sean Carr.

“To steal a college students bag is just low, we spend hundreds of dollars for the textbooks in our bags, not to mention some of us carry our laptops around too,” continued Carr.

The University Police are still conducting an investigation, they are unsure if the man is a student or even if he is from the area.

However, along with the description of the man, University Police were able to produce the make and model of his car, a 2006 BMW 330Xi with a sports package.

Anyone with knowledge of the suspect or a possible identification are encouraged to call the campus police station at (570) 422-3064 or use the LiveSafe app.

LiveSafe not only allows you to call the police department, but it allows you send reports or tips by text.

The texting function allows the sender to attach a photo, video or audio clip.

There is also an option on the app to send this information anonymously.

The app has a feature called SafeWalk, a GPS-tagged monitoring system that allows your friends and family to “keep you covered” until you arrive safely at your destination.

The app is monitored by ESU police from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Messages sent at other hours will be reviewed the following morning.

While the police continue their investigation they would also like to send a friendly reminder to always make sure that you always lock your car.

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