Is New Really Better?Changes in the Way We Print

A photo of the new printing system.Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi A photo of the new printing system.
Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi

By Cassandra Sedler
Staff Writer

Students commonly refer to the first week of a new semester as “syllabus week,” a name that implies one has no actual work to do but attend class to go over the syllabus.

This stress-free scenario rarely ever occurs in reality.

Instead, students are bombarded with due dates just around the corner from the time the professor distributes the outline for the class.

All of this should be expected when you enroll in college courses.

However, with the implementation of a new print management system, ESU students are now burdened with the added stress of figuring out how to actually work the new program.

The new print system involves scanning your eCard at the printer and selecting the document you want to print.

Relatively simple on the surface, but the directions to the new print management system are just as misleading as the term “syllabus week.”

The first time using the printing system a user name and password must be registered allowing for the tracking of any printing activity done by a particular student.

This method is supposedly in place for a more secure printing service.

While this may sound plausible, experience proves the printing system is too bothersome for the already busy college student.

When frantically trying to finish writing a paper the last thing needed is a printing process that takes longer to figure out than the time it took to formulate the essay.

In addition, the new print system charges 10 cents for every page printed.

As an ESU student you are guaranteed 500 free pages of printing.

However, with the number of papers many college students must write in a single semester, it is quite possible this limit will be exceeded.

If students were not still charged a technology fee in the tuition bill, perhaps this new printing system would not be such a difficult transition.

For this reason, ESU students should not be charged as much in the technology fee or the new print system should simply have no charge to begin with.

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