The New Sycamore Suites Are Sweet:Pristine Residential Dorms a Favorite Among Students

The decor of a room inside Sycamore Suites.Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi The decor of a room inside Sycamore Suites.
Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

ESU has welcomed its students with a brand new, up-to-date residential suite.

The new suite given the name Sycamore, was originally a parking lot located on 111 Isabelle Street, reserved for commuting students.

Although ESU has forfeited an entire parking lot, Sycamore Suites has become a great addition to the housing offered here at the university.

Essentially, the year-long project resulted in providing housing for precisely 496 ESU students.

Along so, this is the first year that an ESU suite includes both upper and lower class-men.

“I know that the fourth floor was reserved for all freshman and the first floor was for all transfer students.

Also, the residents in Lenape got first pick if they wanted to because their building is being worked on right now.

I think it was fair, and it adds a variety of people in this building,” said Kayla Altland, a junior and RA of the third floor.

Like the two older suites, Sycamore is equipped with a living space, built-in bathrooms and a cooling and heating system.

On the contrary, Sycamore’s interior design and furnishings are what makes it unique.

Its new designs, equipment and furniture makes it both appealing and exciting.

“I definitely think they took their time with it and that they planned it out perfectly. I think that it is really cool that on each floor there is a different color.

The first floor is red. The second floor is yellowish-orange. The third floor is light blue. The fourth floor is dark blue.

I think that, that adds a lot of character to the building. It’s vibrant,” said Altland.

She continued, “The carpets compliment the walls, and it feels a lot more comfortable having the off-grey colored walls. It adds a nice touch.”

“It was natural to assume the new building would look the same as the others, but it’s really impressive. It has this Manhattan chic style to it, simple for price, but you can tell there was an intentional spark going throughout the place,” said Jacqueline Herbert, a sophomore and current resident of Sycamore Suites.

Some freshman and transfer students were astounded by the transition altogether. They did not expect the set-up, let alone the interior.

“I like how it is not boring. They have designs on the walls, and they did add some color. I noticed on the other suites the walls were white, but these are grey. It does help make it feel more cozy,” said Haley Zuchowski, a transfer student from Wellsboro, Pa.

Aside from the interior, the main lounge is greatly admired by residents.

Students are now given a small lounge leading in towards a larger one.

This area includes an electric fireplace, a full-sized table, a television, and couch-sized lounges. Additionally, the laundry rooms include upgraded machinery, a shelf and external room for laundry baskets.

“It is much more homey,” said Caitlyn Cannito, a senior and desk worker at Sycamore Suites.

“Shawnee Hall had a fireplace first, so the idea of the fireplace was from Shawnee. It was a great idea. It is so nice in there, and it adds a real nice touch,” said Brian Metzler, a junior and RA of the third floor.

Furthermore, changes have been made to the essential dorm rooms students are accustomed to in the suites.

Some of the changes include width and height of kitchen counter tops and closet shelfs, circular kitchen tables rather than the usual square-like, bathroom towel racks, drawers with built-in handles, shower curtains and more dorm space.

“It feels great. It’s cool having everything new: the desks, the furniture, the showers. It’s real nice. Everyone in here has a privilege to be living in here right,” said Metzler.

In terms of Sycamore’s location, the suite is highly convenient to its residents.

The entrance directs students to the main part of campus.

In addition, there is a walk way that corresponds with Hemlock’s, and further along is the entrance to Kemp Library.

“I think the location is perfect. I think Sycamore is right in the middle of everything important. Dansbury. The Library. The gym. It’s a short walk away,” said Altland.

While Sycamore Suites is the newest residential hall, it shares a piece of the older suites: the monument located in the patio.

This monument was made of the bricks originally from Hawthorn and Hemlock Suites.

In all, the residents at Sycamore Suites are excited to spend their upcoming year in a new building.

Sycamore Suites certainly has residents and students alike feeling welcomed by their university.

“It’s a lot to take in, but it’s beautiful,” said Metzler.

Nothing more can be said about the welcoming allure of the new Sycamore Suites.

Students are happy with the latest addition to the ESU’s campus.

It’s safe to say that the new residences hall is a big success.

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