Nintendo Direct Round Up: Game Releases to Hit This Fall

By Adam Miklas

Staff Writer

On Sept. 13, Nintendo aired a video presentation on their upcoming games for the Switch and 3DS consoles. Here is a roundup of what they announced:

The live stream started off with games coming to the Nintendo 3DS. “Pokémon: Ultra Sun” and “Pokémon: Ultra Moon” were given more information on the storyline and new gameplay mechanics that are coming to these versions, as well as showing off a Pokeball edition of a Nintendo 2DS XL.

Kirby is getting a new game called “Kirby Battle Royale,” in which you can battle other versions of Kirby, either by fighting or collecting treasure, as well as the classic single-player mode.

“Minecraft” is available for the new Nintendo 3DS, and could be purchased right after the presentation ended.

Nintendo then announced “Mario Party Top 100,” which collects the 100 most popular mini-games from the entire “Mario Party” series into one game.

The stream then shifted to games coming to the Nintendo Switch, first showing off much more information for “Xenobalde Chronicles 2,” as well as stating that it will be released Dec 1.

Nintendo announced a new character coming to “Fire Emblem Warriors”, that being Lyn from the Gameboy Advance version of “Fire Emblem.” The game is coming out Oct. 20, and the special edition includes a poster, collectable  cards and a three disc soundtrack.

They also revealed that the recent “DOOM” game and “Wolfenstein II The New Order” are coming to Switch, as well as “Skyrim.”

Sports games were not forgotten, Nintendo announced that popular athletic games such as “NBA2k18” and “FIFA 18” are coming to the Switch,

They then revealed a Switch exclusive RPG from Square Enix, code named “Project Octopath Traveler,” which has a new look given it is a mix of pixel art and CG, which the developer characterized as “HD 2D.”  Nintendo then went on to describe a bunch of new information about the game and how everything will work.

“ARMS” announced its newest fighter, Lola Pop, a clown.

A new Kirby game for the Switch, titled “Kirby Star Allies,” was discussed. It seems to be a mix of “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards” and “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” when it comes to gameplay, but is wholly original when it comes to the rest of the game.

It was also announced that the 40s crime-mystery game “LA Noire” is coming to the Switch, with all DLC included and some changes made to have it work on the Switch.

They then ended the presentation with a bunch more information about “Super Mario Odyssey.”

Nintendo plans to release most of these games in the fall, and during the holiday season.


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