Stop Catcalling Women, Start Being Respectful

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

By Kayla M. Sutter
Managing Editor


Earlier this week, I was sitting in a Wawa parking lot.

It was around noon and I had just bought lunch.

Completely starving and unable to control myself, I started to eat in my car.

I was scarfing down my turkey sandwich when a man who was walking from his car and who was parked on the street approached my car.

I get very paranoid when it comes to strangers, but I calmed my nerves when I realized that he was most likely walking towards the entrance of the store.

I glanced up, and then went back to my lunch, completely tuned out the world around me.

That’s when the man leaned down so his face was in front of the half opened window of my car, and made kissy noises at me, smiled and then walked away.

First off, I was extremely startled since he caught me completely off guard.

Then, I was disgusted.

It took everything in me to not throw my car into reverse and run him over.

Who does he think he is?

Why do men think that they can treat women like that?

It happens all of the time to us women.

When we are walking down the street in the middle of the day, we get cat called and whistled at.

When we are driving down a street or a highway, cars drive steady next to us and we get winked at.

When we are in the supermarket in our sweatpants with greasy hair, we get hit on.

When we are at the bar, a man that we have not ever spoken to thinks it is acceptable to buy us a drink; and it is rude if we decline the offer.

So many times we have heard “hey beautiful,” from complete strangers who gawk at us in every setting imaginable.

I can’t even sit and be comfortable in my own car.

I cannot enjoy the privacy of my own vehicle without some random old man making disgusting kissy noises at me!

It is disgusting, uncomfortable, rude and unacceptable.

It is people like that who make women so frightened and paranoid to be in public alone.

Now I know that many would say I am being stuck up, or ridiculous, or ungrateful for the attention.

That women are rude for complaining about getting a compliment.

However, the catcalls and random compliments from complete strangers are not something to brag about or be proud of.

It makes us women uncomfortable, and quite honestly fearful.

The few times I have talked back to a cat caller, I have been called bad names and threatened-this happens all the time.

I cannot fathom why some men think that every public setting is just fair game to hit on women.

When I am in public, I am on a mission.

I don’t want to be bothered by you or your pathetic ‘attempts’ at hitting on me, or your creepy stares and winks.

I want to get my lunch and eat it in peace.

I should not have to constantly be on guard.

There is a clear difference between being a respectful human being who is politely complimenting someone, and a complete arrogant creep who spews ‘compliments’ at unsuspecting women.

Yes compliments are nice, but only when they are done in a proper manner.

No female is going to respond nicely to someone whistling at them as they are walking down the street from point A to B.

So, a tip for all: be genuine, courteous and kind.

Not quick witted, obnoxious and loud.

If you lack respect, you may get the finger and a loudmouthed woman throwing it right back at you.

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