Undergraduate Students Publish Scientific Paper

Web browsers can be less reliable. Photo Courtesy/ PublicDomainPictures.net Web browsers can be less reliable.
Photo Courtesy / PublicDomainPictures.net

By Angalyse Keyock
Contributing Writer

Students use cellphones and laptop computers almost every day, if not every hour.

Many individuals download malware on their computers to prevent from hacking, viruses and so forth.

Individuals are more likely to download Apps from the App Store and save their important documents and photos on their phone’s operating system.

Web browsers are being used less due to the reliable programs smart phones run. Individuals are less reliant on downloading applications through their web browser.

Downloading applications from your web browsers puts you at a higher risk of downloading something you may not want.

Student Zach Waldman, Nick Neely and Mike Burns are computer science and cybersecurity majors at ESU.

The three created and built a lightweight virtual tool within the web browser for users to download.

This tool prevents malware such as viruses, hacking and download attacks from happening to your computer system.

Since creating this online security software, the trio has published their article to a peer-reviewed journal to get their ideas out, and see the reactions and feedback from the Cybersecurity community.

Their paper will be published on Nov. 6, after they give a presentation at the International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, known as IEE DASC, conference In Orlando, Fla.

The IEE DASC conference is held every year to bring together computer scientists, engineers and researchers to exchange ideas and studies they have carried out.

Waldman, Neely and Burns are East Stroudsburg’s first undergraduate students to be published in a scientific journal.

Waldman and Neely both currently run a software named Company Falchion Systems Co., and plan to continue to do so in the future.

Neely also works as an IT infrastructure engineer at a hospital system and Waldman has been working for IBM as a developer.

Burns is working as a Software Engineer for a government contractor, Polaris Alpha, which works directly with the NSA and DoD.

All three of these East Stroudsburg students have been working and have experience in this study of work.

The three students plan to continue to develop, create new downloads and publish a new peer-reviewed journal every year throughout their career.

Becoming the first undergraduate students to publish a peer-reviewed article like this is an accomplishment in itself, and good head start for the rest of their career.

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