Advice Column: Control Your Emotions

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

In the past week, a good friend of mine and I had a conversation about controlling one’s emotions and anger.

By the end of our conversation, my friend, Benjamin, raised a good point about learning how to calm your emotions.

He specified how useful this piece of information is in every aspect of your life.

He said, “Learning to rule your emotions instead of allowing them to rule you helps in every part of your life.”

Consequently, I wanted to bring forth this matter.

Specifically, I wanted to share with you the value of controlling your own self.

Initially, as an individual, you are constantly in your own body.

And in your body, there are numerous thoughts and feelings inside of you.

In fact, they have a mind of their own, and they simply choose to roam around.

Sometimes, it is easy to acknowledge their presence, but other times it is harder.

Either way, they do exist.

The sad news is, you cannot escape from your body.

Likewise, you cannot escape from your thoughts and feelings.

However, you can control them, and when you do, your life will be a whole lot brighter.

That may sound silly to an average person, but as my friend stated, it is useful.

Just consider it.

In life, there are so many obstacles that we encounter, and for most of them, we have no control over it.

And on top of these obstacles, your emotions will appear.

You will experience anger, stress, insulation, depression and more.

There is an endless number of things that trigger emotions.

A common cause of emotions is based off our interactions with other people.

Regardless of what emotion it is, and who caused it, calming it down it important.

If you don’t, then you may get on someone’s bad side, grudges will be made, attitudes will appear and mishaps will occur.

All of this is unnecessary drama.

And as a young adult, you will want to take the best approach in situations.

This is why it is important to know how to control your emotions.

Because when you do know how to control them, you can confront issues in a proper way.

And yes. There is a proper way to deal with things.

Another advantage of knowing how to control your emotions is character-building.

You yourself will grow to become a stronger and healthier person.

Not only will you be able to handle hard times, but you will be proud of yourself for taking the corrective action.

And that itself shows a sign of strength.

In all, it is a privilege to learn something about yourself, and it should not be a burden. Even more, knowing how to control your emotions is a great advantage in life.

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