Apple Releases New iPhone 8, iPhone X Pre-orders Available in Late October

Photo Courtesy / Flickr The iPhone X has a facial recognition feature. Photo Courtesy / Flickr
The iPhone X has a facial recognition feature.

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 8, appeared in stores Apple has recently announced the release of the new iPhone X. The phone is scheduled for release Nov. 3.

The device is ready for preorder Oct. 27 for $999, or payments of $49.91 a month.

The company is describing the new product as “the future of the smartphone.”

Apple claims the phone’s glass display is the strongest of any other smart phone model.

The phone uses facial recognition for unlocking the phone rather than a password.

It does not matter if one changes their hair style or facial hair growth.

Consumers can wear Halloween costumes and still get access.

The quality of the camera has seen improvements. It has a redesigned 12-megapixel rear camera.

The phone is designed for a better augmented reality experience.

Anmoji, a new augmented reality app, recognizes and records the owner’s facial movements.

Consumers can send messages and videos of their emotions on an emoji.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X devices charge wirelessly.

The phones lay on a charging mat that can charge up to three Apple devices at a time.

The iPhone 8 models have many similarities for cheaper prices.

It also has an A11 Bionic chip installed in the devices.

The camera settings are similar to the iPhone X. There is augmented reality and wireless charging features as well.

The iPhone 8 will cost $699 and iPhone 8 plus is priced at $799.

These models have already been released in stores this past Friday.

Differences of the phones are slim and potential buyers are already questioning whether the iPhone X is worth the price.

There have already been reports of issues with the iPhone 8.

Consumers reported that there were intense crackling noises coming from the earpiece, which can indicate both internal and external issues.

When comparing the iPhone 7 to the 8 on Apple’s website, the only significant difference is the capacity of memory.

The iPhone 8 has twice the capacity.

“The iPhone 8 doesn’t really seem much different than the 7 plus I already have. The only reason I am considering purchasing the iPhone 8 is for the water-resistant factor. The iPhone X is way too expensive, and facial recognition honestly freaks me out,” said senior Kayla Sutter.

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