MAC x Nicki Minaj Release New Lipstick ShadesThe New Nude Colors Have Fans Rushing to Stores

Photo Courtesy / MAC Cosmetics Nicki Minaj’s new cosmetics line offers a variety of options for all occasions. Photo Courtesy / MAC Cosmetics
Nicki Minaj’s new cosmetics line offers a variety of options for all occasions.

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

It’s time to fall in love with nudes!

Fall is here, so we can now embrace the beauty of the natural fall colors, and a great way to do that is with Nicki Minaj’s fall nude collection.

The Hip-Hop Rap artist and media mogul, Nicki Minaj, rejoined the makeup industry on Sept. 21, and fans are loving it.

Fans from all over are rushing to rake up the super star’s lipstick line and hoping to have the same fierce lips as Minaj.

The release consists of two new traditional lipsticks.

The products are to be sold exclusively through Mac, online and in stores.

The traditional lipsticks, packaged in bullets colored like the shades they house, are detailed with Minaj’s signature covering the bottom half of the tube.

The new lipsticks sell for $17.50 a pop.

These two shades are just additions to Minaj’s already released line of cosmetics.

There is hope that a brand new line of products will come following this mini release.

Minaj has a great collection of fall lip colors that everyone can wear and look great with any outfit.

Minaj’s two new shades include “Nicki’s Nude” which is a soft coral pink, and “The Pinkprint” which is a mid-tone creamy pink.

Now, Minaj’s collection includes 18 shades of nudes to choose from so you can find the perfect basic nude look.

You could choose colors like “Pretty Please” which is a pale pink, “2N” which is a creamy light pink and “Playing Koi” which is a clean and plain nude color.

These lip colors look great with any fall outfit and give you that extra touch that you were looking for.

Minaj’s collection also includes “Bare Bling” which is a light peachy nude, “Stripped” which is a dirty peachy beige and “Creme D’Nude” which is like a pale peach.

If those colors weren’t enough to get you going, you could also try the neutral nudes.

“A Girl’s Got Needs” is a warm toned yellow brown, “MMMM” which is a dirty rose nude, “The Right Note” which is a warm shady nude and “Patisserie” which is like a sheer creamy neutral pink.

It wouldn’t be the start of fall if you didn’t have your daring dark colors.

Minaj also has a set of darker nudes if you’re looking for a more bolder approach.

You can try “Easy Babe” which is a dirty brown or “Among the Fireflies” which is a softer mocha color.

The makeup industry has a lot of new makeup lines and these designers did not come to play.

The Queen of rap has come to conquer as Queen of the makeup world, but she has many competitors.

Competition such as Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s new makeup line, as well as Kylie Cosmetics which is dominating the makeup industry, are ranking in with sales, and only expanding.

But that doesn’t seem to matter because each of these fashion icons are all earning the attention the deserve.

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