Advice Column: Surviving Midterms Week

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

By the start of next week, midterms will begin.

This may come as a scare to most of you, however, there are various methods that can lead you to feeling confident and relaxed as you take your midterms.

Initially, being well-prepared to take your midterms or hand in a graded assignment can allow you to feel more confident about the situation.

In college, being well-prepared includes having study habits.

These habits can include looking over notes, creating new ones, reading the textbook(s) and researching.

As a college student, you are fortunate enough to have peers around you.

Thus, you can exchange notes, ask questions and form study groups.

On your own, you can rewrite your notes.

Amongst these, rewriting your notes is one of the most effective ways to study.

As you rewrite your notes, you are rereading every note you have taken.

Whether it may be a side note, a sentence or a paragraph, you are reading it, not skimming it.

By doing this, your brain is processing the information, and you gain a better understanding of the material.

Secondly, having good health is equally important during midterm’s week.

Generally, good health increases better concentration, clearer thinking and more energy. Therefore, it can help you to become relaxed.

In college, good health can be obtained through a good routine.

Specifically, there are three main essentials to it: eating well, exercising and getting a goodnight’s rest.

Sometimes, these essentials disappear and then reappear as you live your life.

Yet, it makes a big difference when they are present during midterm’s week.

A few good ways to make certain that you have good health includes adjusting your schedule, adding or subtracting things from your day and simply rescheduling.

Although changes may be necessary to your day, you will still want to have similar activities to your week.

Most times, these activities are what helps us deal with college.

For instance, working out is often used as a stress reliever, friends can bring us laughter and certain foods can be comforting.

Lastly, good time management is a useful skill to have, especially with midterms.

Generally, good time management allows you to accomplish things.

This can decrease the chances of stress.

In college, good time management revolves around knowing how balance your schoolwork out.

As a student, you will be assigned a lot of work from various professors, however, if you plan your day correctly you can complete everything.

Overall, midterms are indeed stressful, and it does not help to get yourself overwhelmed by them.

That is why you will want to approach them to the best of your ability.

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