Harris Returns for Final Season

Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki Redshirt senior forward Steve Harris goes for a slam dunk. Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki
Redshirt senior forward Steve Harris goes for a slam dunk.

By Natalie Keller
Contributing Writer

Fifth year medical redshirt senior Steve Harris from the Men’s Basketball team has been able to wake up every day for the past 18 years doing the one thing he loves the most—play basketball. However, that was almost taken away from him last season when Harris had to take a step back from the court to rehab a recurring injury.

During preseason workouts last fall, Harris had twisted his ankle badly—and it wasn’t the first time. Harris had two options: he could accept the fact that he would be unable to play his last season as a Warrior, or he could take the spring 2017 semester off (athletically and academically) and come back
stronger in the fall of 2017.

Though the decision was tough, Harris took the spring 2017 semester off and decided to take care of himself so he could continue to do the one thing he loved.

“When something is taken away from you, you suddenly have much more appreciation for it,” Harris stated. “My setback has matured me and helped me grow as a player.”

With determination to be back on the court with his teammates as a key player for the 2017-2018 season, Harris dedicated himself every day on his time off to better himself and his health.

Harris described his college basketball career thus far as adventurous and challenging, but more importantly—fun.

“There were new intricacies to the game [that were]—mentally and physically—challenging. High school basketball was fun, but college basketball is a lifestyle,” Harris said. “Even in the off-season, there’s always something to do: lifting and academics to name a few.”

However, Harris’s reasoning for choosing the word “fun” was much more admirable and heartwarming than for any athlete.

“At the end of the day, I’m still that little kid who gets to play basketball. 18 years later and I still get to play my favorite sport,” Harris said.

With the upcoming season right around the corner, Harris is confident his team will succeed this season.

“We lost a key player, Rasheed Moore, who cannot be replaced, but we are returning a lot of veterans alongside a bunch of new young guys who are picking things up fast,” Harris said with assurance.

“There is a mix of mature and enthusiastic, young and old [players], and we should be able to do good things if we put it all together,” Harris said.

If given the opportunity to travel and play basketball after he graduates in the spring of 2017, Harris would definitely be open to the possibility.

“If ever given the chance to travel and still get to play the game I love—I would absolutely play,” Harris said.

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