What’s Wrong With the WiFi?

Photo Credit / Kayla Sutter Wireless and hard-wired Internet is spotty for all ESU students. Photo Credit / Kayla Sutter
Wireless and hard-wired Internet is spotty for all ESU students.

By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

Are you constantly tired of Internet crashes and slow internet connection?

I know I am.

There’s nothing worse than trying to complete a last-minute assignment, which you have spent weeks procrastinating on and the Wi-Fi starts failing.

I say it’s time for ESU to seriously reboot their wireless internet.

Considering how important internet is, especially with our generation being so “tech driven,” internet accessibility is a necessity.

With that being said, ESU should learn to prioritize what is important.

Although we are so grateful for all these things, students didn’t need a new logo, a brandnew Starbucks or brand-new suites.

However, we do need reliable internet connection.

Surprise, no one has really said much about the wishy-washy internet service.

We kind of just accept it as typical ESU Wi-Fi standards.

For most students, the only time it is an issue is when we are throwing our laptops out the window, banging our heads against the wall and praying the internet works in time for us to submit our assignments before the drop box closes on D2L.

There is always the option of calling academic computing for an individual device, but what if the individual devices aren’t the issues?

There seems to be a bigger problem at hand.

The problem comes in when there are numerous complaints about internet issues campus wide.

I think it’s safe to say the ESU Wi-Fi could use some serious troubleshooting. I think that my fellow students would agree with me.

I’m no computer science major, but I’m pretty sure that the campus Wi-Fi should not be crashing every hour.

“I don’t understand why the guest Wi-Fi is locked,” said student Briana Graves.

“As much money as we are paying, I think everyone should have our own hotspot, computers are not like phones; they don’t have data,” Graves explained.

“It really sucks that the internet always seems to fail when you have something due,” Graves said.

ESU must address this issue.

It is interfering with student’s ability to get work done.

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