Anyone Can Become FamousMegyn Kelly Hosts New TV Show

Photo Courtesy / Snopes American journalist Megyn Kelly hosts “The Megyn Kelly Today.” Photo Courtesy / Snopes
American journalist Megyn Kelly hosts “The Megyn Kelly Today.”

By Cassandra Sedler
Staff Writer

Most TV shows and movies aren’t even watched on a television or big screen anymore.

Instead, it’s on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The reason why many people are switching out their cable networks for Netflix or Hulu became all too clear as I came across the new daytime talk show, “Megyn Kelly Today.”

First of all, it seems as though just about anybody can create their own talk show with their name on it.

Also, they can believe they have the talent to maintain an interested audience.

Apparently, the bar is set very low for Megyn Kelly.

The long time Fox News nighttime anchor moves to NBC with a storm of criticisms, and rightfully so.

What struck me the as most bizarre is Megyn Kelly’s new daytime personality that is entirely different than the role she played at Fox.

Kelly persists that her new show will have nothing to do with politics.

She also claims she is done with politics for now.

However, I believe this is her plea for more viewers on NBC, as opposed to her more conservative audience from Fox.

Perhaps her conservative viewership was just as scarce, as her switch of networks suggests.

Despite her arrogant thinking, Megyn Kelly is way out of her element in daytime television.

She can barely maintain this fake persona in the first few days of her new gig without letting her true political views show through.

In one of her many awkward fumbles throughout her show debut, the most cringe-worthy occurred when she asked a “Will & Grace” fan if watching the show made him gay.

This outlandish question was glossed over by the audience member.

However, Debra Messing, who played Grace on the hit TV show, tweeted a statement that she regretted appearing on “Megyn Kelly Today.”

As of right now, Megyn Kelly’s talk show seems to be merely an hour-long advertising slot for other series on NBC, rather than a show of real substance.

After only days of being on the air, Megyn Kelly went viral for the worst.

Yet another major hint for producers that she is simply an unlikable person no matter which network she works for.

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