Career Expo Provides Many Opportunities to ESU Students

By Amanda Berry
Contributing Writer

ESU held its career expo in the Innovation Center on Thursday, Oct 5.

The expo was held in order to give students opportunities to meet with possible future employers, find internships or places to apply to grad school.

The companies there had internships for all different majors, ranging from business, health care, hospitality and public services.

“The career expo was really eye opening and showed me that there were a lot of job opportunities and internships for many different majors. It made me feel like the work that I’m putting in now is actually going towards a future,” explains Allyson Smith, a freshman Biology major.

Students had the chance to fill out job applications or internships for many different companies.

The companies that were there ranged from places like Split Rock Resort, Weis Markets and Geisinger Health System. They all offered freebies to get people to stop at their booths and were very eager to hand out information.

“As a student who has passions within many subjects, going to the career expo allows me to get a glimpse into these companies and see how they operate and what it would be like working for them,” said Ethan Kahalany, an English major.

While there were many different options at the career expo for different majors, they still lacked some such as computer science and English majors.

The event did seem to cater to certain majors instead of having a little bit of something for everybody.

It is important to note though that some of these companies did offer internships regardless of major. Places such as Moes, Weis, Split Rock and Cove Haven stressed the fact that anyone could apply for a job or internship regardless of the major.

A majority of the companies attending also stressed the fact that they were very flexible with college students and were willing to work with their schedules.

Jennifer Schmidt from Cove Haven worked with them while she was still in college and said they were very flexible and were willing to work along with her schedule for school.

Though the career expo is over, there are still many upcoming events at ESU’s Innovation Center and there will likely be similar events held.

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