Hollywood Homecoming Royalty 2017:Meet the Ten Candidates Running This Year

Photo Courtesy / ESU Ten students are running for Homecoming Royalty. Photo Courtesy / ESU
Ten students are running for Homecoming Royalty.

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Kayla M. Sutter
Managing Editor

Here are your 10 Homecoming Royalty 2017 candidates! Each candidate has written a short profile about themselves explaining why they are fir to be Royalty. Read them below and make your decision. Voting is open and can be done online until 12 p.m. Friday. Good luck to them all!

Alexis Hill
Hey Warriors, My name is Alexis Hill and I was born and raised in Harlem, New York. I am a sophomore majoring in psychology and the club I will be representing is the Xplosion Step team.

I love ESU because even though we have a small community, we have an abundance of opportunities, high spirited students and caring faculty and staff.

ESU is truly a home away from home for me and each day I become prouder to say that I am a part of the Warrior Family.

I am running for Homecoming Royalty to become more connected with the student body. By campaigning alone, I have met so many new faces on campus.

I would like to win so that I could help the step team financially. If I win, the money could be used to help us travel to more competitions and showcases.

I would be a great choice as Homecoming Royalty because I am outgoing, respectful to my community, stand up for social justice and I will never shut a person out who needs help, especially a Warrior.

You could also say that I am dedicated to empowering others because of my involvement as an FYE mentor and a Warrior Mentor.

So if you see me with my infamous shades on know that I would never block a Warrior out.

Ashlyn Jackson
I’m Ashlyn Jackson, a senior here at East Stroudsburg University majoring in biology.

I am a proud Warrior because ESU has helped mold me into a student leader by providing me with endless opportunities to serve our campus and the surrounding community.

I believe that I am the perfect candidate for Homecoming Royalty because my character reflects the “Way of a Warrior!”

I am a positive individual, honest and loyal. I am dedicated to empowering others, respectful of my community, and committed to self-growth.

As your future Royalty, I am representing Student Senate to enhance awareness of the organization, its mission, and the resources it offers.

Josh Coleman
Joshua Coleman is a god from Greek mythology who decided to descend from Mount Olympus to enroll at East Stroudsburg University.

A junior in Digital Media Technology, he loves ESU for its people, the sick ESU snapchat account, and its radio station, which is the club he is representing. He decided to run for homecoming when he had a vision of the future where he wasn’t homecoming royalty, in which the world was destroyed by nuclear holocaust. The only way to avoid this future is to ease tensions with North Korea, or, alternatively, vote Josh for homecoming. #ESUColemanation

Anja Whitehead
Anja Whitehead is a senior studying Digital Media and Technologies and is representing The National Broadcasting Society for homecoming.

She loves ESU because it has given her all she needs to further her career.

With all the clubs she has participated in through the years it lead her to working for the number one news station, WNEP, before she even graduated.

That would have never been obtainable if it wasn’t for ESU giving her everything she needed to further her career.

She’d love to be Homecoming Royalty due to feeling like she is a great ambassador for ESU and strongly represents what ESU can do for you!

Jessica Agbi
I am Jessica Agbi, a sophomore with a major in Public Health.

I am also the treasurer of the Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir.

The club I will be representing is the Black Student Union.

I love ESU because of the people. Since I came to this school I have met so many people that make me feel so happy.

They make me feel like I have someone to talk to and laugh with.

I am running for homecoming because I wanted to run last year but I wasn’t that much involved on campus.

This year I am much more involved and I want to win for my organization. In that way, the BSU can have more money to do more events.

Allison Mam
Hi everyone! My name is Allison, I’m a sociology major with a minor in communications and Women’s Studies. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I’m currently a junior at East Stroudsburg University. I’m representing the Feminist Alliance.

I love ESU because this school is very diverse and a good fit for me. Small classrooms, great student-teacher interaction, and it’s also very cheap.

I’m running because I want to step out of my comfort zone and expand my experiences.

Hopefully this will be a positive experience and I’ll be able to learn a lot from it!

Darian Cruz
Hello, my name is Darian Lee Cruz and I am a junior majoring in communication sciences and disorders. The club I am representing is Student Senate.

What I love about ESU is the relationships I’ve made with many people on campus and the many opportunities I have to get involved.

I believe I should be Homecoming Royalty because with my many involvements I feel I have exemplified what a proud Warrior should be.

As an RA, I make sure all students know this is Where Warriors Belong and as a Student Senator make them aware that I am here to help them with any problems on campus.

I have strived to make myself known as a resource on campus and hope you vote for me as this year’s Homecoming Royalty.

Laura Jean Null
Hello, my name is Laura Jean Null. I am a communications major with a double concentration in broadcasting and public relations, with a minor in English. I am from one of the greatest and toughest cities out there, Philadelphia.

I love this institution because students here are given the opportunity to have a voice and to grow into the individual they have always wanted to be, myself.

I am a proud resident advisor for the University Apartment Buildings. I am a writer and social media editor for The Stroud Courier, a member of global committee, the honors program, Moses Society and the National Leadership Society of Success.

For this event, I am representing The Stroud Courier.

We have an amazing number of great writers and probably some of the most dedicated editors out there.

Thus, I think winning this could benefit the paper as a whole, to give them the recognition they deserve, but also funding they could use.

I believe I should be a part of ESU’s Royalty because I am dedicated to this university and every program I am apart of and represent.

Additionally, I believe myself to be a leader, mentor and role model to those around.

It would be an honor to represent the University because I am a warrior and this is where I belong.

Zaria Cyriaque
My name is Zaria Cyriaque, and I am beyond honored to have been selected as a candidate for Homecoming Royalty! I am a Hospitality Major with a dual major in Business Management with a concentration in accounting.

I am super excited to represent the Wellness Education Office as this office has opened so many doors for me and is like my home away from home.

My favorite part of the job is communicating with so many groups on campus and providing them with information on how to continue to be successful at ESU.

ESU has treated me so well since I’ve stepped foot on this campus three years ago, and it’s upsetting that I’ll be done with this amazing place in a year.

I figured the best way to finish out my year is to run for Homecoming!

I am running for Homecoming because I want to continue to spread awareness on important topics that my office continually shares and hopefully get more students to take more information the office and extend to their friends and family.

Kyle Watson
My name is Kyle Watson, I’m a junior and criminal justice major at ESU. I’m a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity here on campus.

I originally had no interest in running for homecoming royalty, but my mind shortly changed after I realized that I could use this as a platform to sort of change peoples perspective on Greek Life here on campus and nation wide as well.

Being a local, growing up and going to high school only two miles away has helped me significantly while being here at ESU.

It’s my home, I’m familiar with the town and many people in the community. So get out there and vote for me for Homecoming Royalty!

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