ESU Printing System: A Waste and a Scare

By Shavonne McLamb
Contributing Writer

You start your day right.

You wake up, get dressed, and make yourself breakfast.

But wait, you realize you forgot that you have to print an assignment for class.

Time to go to the library, the Union (University Center), or various lounges in the dorms throughout campus.

Problem number one.

Five hundred pages!

Five hundred pages are the limited number of pages given to each student here at East Stroudsburg University.

Each page cost $.10 per page.

Do the math people.

That adds up to only $50 per semester.


That’s the problem.

Some students do know if the fifty dollars is per semester or per year.

After the $50 are up, you, the student are required to come up with $.10 for each page you have to print.

Problem number two the new printing system is that it is timing consuming.

After students go to the library or lounges to print, they have to wait for the computers to load, log in to their email accounts and finally press print. Wait! We are not done yet.

After pressing “Print” on the computer, the student has to go the printer and either scan their ESU ID card or type in their username and password, press “Print All” and wait.

It didn’t used to be like this.

In previous semesters, all students had to do was just go to the computer, press “Print,” and wait for the paper to print out.

The school officials need to understand that free printing is a luxury. Some students have professors that upload their lecture presentations to Desire to Learn, also known as D2L, and they like to print off the lectures, so they can review the notes from class.

Students cannot do that if they are worried about running out of money to print notes, articles and assignments!

On behalf of the students at ESU.

“Dear school officials, this system needs to change. Immediately!”

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