Goldberg’s Bagels Brings a Taste of New York to Pennsylvania

Photo Courtesy / Yelp Goldberg’s brings great New York Bagels to the Stroudsburg area. Photo Courtesy / Yelp
Goldberg’s brings great New York Bagels to the Stroudsburg area.

By Levi Jiorle
Staff Writer

ESU students come from all over the world, but the taste of New York is now right by campus. Goldberg’s Original Bagels opened in East Stroudsburg in early September. Even though they are a new bagel shop in the Poconos, their roots are deeply based in the Big Apple since the 1940s.

Samer Eldakhillala and Howie Goldberg, the owners, were the ones that decided to branch Goldberg’s out all the way to Pennsylvania.

“Goldberg’s originated back in 1949, first starting out in the Bronx, where Goldberg’s grandfather had come in from Poland as an immigrant at Ellis Island,” Bobby Hayes, manager of Goldberg’s, said. “Originally, he was a tailor, then he brought his dad in to start running the business in the early 50s, and eventually opened his first store in Westwood in 1969. That store had 700 square feet, and the rent was $250.”

“As being up in Pennsylvania now, Sam, which is Howie’s partner, decided that they would come up here and open up a store in East Stroudsburg,” Hayes said.

Hayes then continued to talk about his passion for the business: “I’ve been in the restaurant / delicatessen business for over 30 years. Catering, bagel business also, and am so far loving every bit of it.”

Goldberg’s menu is extensive. They have a variety of bagels, cream cheeses, egg sandwiches, wraps and omelettes. There are also a number of sandwiches to choose from, anything from Philly cheese steaks to New York reubens.

“We have the most outstanding recipes for bagels that we brought up from New York and New Jersey to Pennsylvania here. What we did was bring a whole lot of New York into Pennsylvania, and the response has just been overwhelming. Thank you,” Hayes said.

Hayes talked about his desire to be with the ESU community. “I would love to go there and meet and greet everybody,” he said. “We’re also doing an ESU discount for kids.”

Goldberg’s is located at 265 Prospect St., right in between Wawa and the hospital.

At the end, Hayes didn’t fail to bring up Goldberg’s roots: “New York is going to be here for you guys.”

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