Student Senate: Upcoming Changes

Photo Courtesy/ ESU Student Senate Twitter

By Ethan Kahalan

Contributing Writer

East Stroudsburg University’s Student Senate spent months changing the constitution.

The room was tense, waiting to hear if it was to be passed or not. This was a big update for the student government and one that would change how they operated. The new constitution was passed, making April 3, 2017 a date in our school’s history.

Former executive board member and junior, Hannah Legg, described it as “an extremely important time for the senate because the constitution hadn’t been fully updated since it was first written.”

A committee worked for months to make the constitution just right.

The mission of the Student Senate is to represent and advocate for East Stroudsburg University’s student body and to promote academic, social, and professional development while at the university.

The organization is run by 12 executive board members and 45 senators. All members are from different grade levels, even including graduate students. New senators are inducted three times a year after elections in September, February and April.

The Student Senate meets from two to four p.m. on Thursdays in the Senate Chambers located in the upper Union. All meetings are open to the public, where they can sit and listen to the happenings of the student government. Input are different topics are allowed, but only senators can vote.

Bi-weekly, they have full senate meetings and committee meetings.

Student Senate has played an important role on this campus for years building leadership of individuals and helping to make this campus a better place for all students. There are many students that work hard to make our campus community a better place and they will for years to come.

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