What Are Your Afraid Of? Living Poets Society Hosts Haunted Poetry Reading

Photo Credit /Jeffery Quake Left Kevin Gelok, Center Sean D’Avilar as they guess what is in the box

By Jeff Quake

Contributing  Writer

There were many laughs, and cheers, but you could feel the spirit of Halloween flowing through the air in the packed common grounds of the university center at the Living Poets Society on Thursday night.

Just days before the holiday, the Living Poets Society or LPS held a special Halloween themed event.

“We are a new upcoming club, and want to get recognized” said junior Kevin Gelok.

“This particular event tonight is a Halloween event about fear that makes you afraid. You can perform about anything including fear.”

The club first started small, but with an event like this it exploded as it was the Living Poets Society first massive event.

“Almost every event gets packed as this helps us gives the ability to gain confidence on stage in front big crowds,” said Gelok.

Each performance usually lasted anywhere from 30 seconds, to a few minutes.

Senior Sean D’Avilar, a theater major and the president of Living Poets Society is heavily involved with preparing for the next student who got on stage.

The event also featured a game where each student on stage got three guesses to figure out what they put their hand in. It included everything from grapes, to Mac n cheese.

Summer Reader, a sophomore here at ESU, has been involved with the club for 2 years now and was enjoying her time as she, among hundreds of other students, were entertained as they watched their fellow warriors guess what they were touching.

Overall, the Halloween themed event was a hit for the Living Poets Society and the members are excited for their next one.

If you would like to join the Living Poets Society, contact Sean D’Avilar at Sdavilar@live.esu.edu or attend their practices as they meet every week, Wednesday’s from 4-5:30 and Thursday’s 6-7:30 practices in the basement of Minsi Hall.

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