Fall is Here, So Are the Fashion Choices of Autumn

By Charlese Freeman

Student Life Editor

One day it’s chilly and frigid, the next day it’s the perfect spring day. However, lately fall has not been so timid about showing its self on campus. The fall leaves have already fallen, some trees even completely bare. It’s cold enough to see your breath in the air. No rhyme intended. Who knows we may see some speckles of snow much sooner than we intended. 

Let’s not forget the fall fashion. Jasper Holland jackets have made their way out of the closets and onto the backs of many students. Students have cozied  up with their scarves wrapped so tightly around their necks. What we definitely can’t forget is the plethora of boots. Whether its leather combat, swede over knee or a classic pair of UGGs, they definitely are weather appropriate. 

Nevertheless, even the nippy winds of fall cannot compete with the hustle and bustle of campus life. Professors don’t want to hear, “I was gonna come, but it was too chilly so I decided not to.” Even in fall the semester must go on.   

Just because fall seems like it’s here to stay, no one knows. Leather jackets and sweat shirts today and t-shirts and shorts tomorrow.

With the temperature dropping down to as low as the 40’s, it makes you wonder what winter has in store for the campus. 

But why now? May students have been waiting for fall for over a month now with no sign, but suddenly fall appears. Where has fall been hiding?

As for now, we welcome fall and all its wonders with open arms with open arms. To the coughs from a cold to the fever of flus.

Don’t you just love the inconsistently of fall weather? Fall is here and it’s not going anywhere.

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