New Improv Group Hits ESU

Photo Courtesy/ Awakening Follow Awakening on Instagram @wakingpeopleup

By Amanda Berry

Staff Writer

Performing “Fellowship and Laughter” is just the foundation of the ESU group Awakening.

Held every Tuesday night throughout the semester, the Awakening team aims to open the eyes and lift up the spirits of students here on campus through improv acting, comedy, and music. The group aims to use the messages in the bible to guide people down a better path and hopefully brighten their days.

“We use topics relatable to what students may be going through,” says Robin Smith, a current member of the group. “Making students laugh helps with all the stress and pressure they deal with on the daily.”

Awakening was formed in 2005 by former ESU students. The team consists of actors who love to perform and want to give back to the students.

Each Tuesday there is a different theme or message derived from the bible, and through comedic efforts they want students to feel like they have a purpose.

“ESU Awakening is all about waking up God’s purpose inside of you” says Smith.

Students who have attended in the past say that Awakening has made a positive impact on their lives.

“Our College years shape us. A lot of depression and even suicidal thoughts can creep in to make someone feel hopeless.” Smith said. “Our hope has always been to point people in the right direction, lift up their spirits.”

The group  makes sure to include those who attend and invite them to join in on singing, games and acting throughout the night.

Anyone can attend their weekly events. Each performance is held at a different dorm or hall Tuesday’s at 8 p.m. If you can’t make their shows, you can view their videos on Instagram @wakingpeopleup.

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