Advice Column: Final’s Week – Work Hard

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

As the semester comes to an end, we must begin to prepare for Final’s Week.

Final’s Week is the most essential time of the school year.

Specifically, it is a time where all of our expertise and hard work within our courses are shown.

How many of you have actually been working hard this semester?

Surely, your hard work can disappear for multiple reasons.

Even so, you must work hard within the next few weeks to ensure that you end the semester with good grades, smiling faces and a sigh of relief.

Initially, you can easily do this by making sure that you have the correct materials for your exams.

Normally, you would think that is a foolish thought, however, it is not.

You have been enrolled in your courses for at least 4 months.

This is four months worth of paperwork.

Whether it may be notes, exams, projects, presentations and so forth.

If anything, all of that paperwork can become scattered, and you don’t realize it.

Therefore, it is best for your to take the time and organize everything.

Additionally, you may want to visit any of your professors before it becomes too late.

You should speak to them if you have any concerns.

Moreover, you can pass your exams by using the college resources that are available.

The library, the Writing Studio and the tutoring center are just a few of the resources available on campus.

By using these resources, you can better enhance your understanding of the material.

Other times, it may be helpful to form study groups or exchange notes with your peers.

By using this method, you have a higher chance of coming across a new piece of information that you did not already know.

Everyone learns differently, therefore, everyone has their own way of taking notes.

Furthermore, earning good grades requires a lot of concentration.

Therefore, you must find the time to sit down and study.

As Final’s Week appears, you will need to adjust your schedule and make sure that you stay focused.

For most of you, that may involve having to end your hang outs with close friends, turn off the TV or music, or out away any distractions.

For others, it may involve having to adjust your work or athletic schedule.

Nevertheless, good health and good sleep play an important role in good worth ethics.

On average, people do not have the strength to accomplish tasks if they do not feel well.

This is extremely relevant in college, especially during Final’s Week.

In all, Final’s Week requires a lot of hard work and concentration.

As a college student, it is under your control whether you become prepared for the week.

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