Everybody Eats Foundation is Providing Food to Less Fortunate

Photo courtest/ Everybodyeats.org

By Amanda Berry
Staff Writer

A normal afternoon with friends hanging out and making videos may seem like a pretty normal day to most, but it is one that changed Kelvin Peña’s life forever. His videos of the “Deer Squad” had risen to internet fame in a matter of days, and lead to what is now the Everybody Eats Foundation.

Peña, an ESU sophomore, uploaded videos of him feeding the deer in his neighborhood saying “everybody eats” and they instantly became a hit. Kelvin has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and 142,000 followers on Twitter.

Since his skyrocket to fame in August 2016, Peña has decided to use it for good.

“Gaining all of these eyes on me made me realize I can make an even bigger impact on this world, and that nothing makes me happier than helping people,” said Peña.

The nonprofit foundation serves one purpose, to help those in need and provide food for the less fortunate.

In the beginning of November, Peña had set up an event with ESU’s Warrior Food Pantry. A video was made to bring the two campaigns together to raise awareness and collect donations to help the community. The video featured both staff and ESU students.

They hoped to shed light on apparel that was being sold to help gather more donations.

“Being a Puerto Rico native, this year the Everybody Eats foundation is putting it’s efforts to send as many supplies as possible to the island. Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico and left millions without power, food, and clean water. Seeing my home like this truly breaks my heart, so I am focusing on helping as much as possible,” said Peña on the Everybody Eats official website.

Many organizations such as Buzzfeed, E! News and Daily Mail UK have reached out to the foundation to give them more publicityy, and hopefully gain more awareness of the good that can come from the donations.

“The way I envision it, if I could do it then anyone can, and in today’s society it is vital for us help each other and let positivity be a major key in everyone’s life. 100% of the proceeds go to helping the hurricane victims,” said Peña on the Everybody Eats official website.

Anyone can get involved, and any donation can help.

For more information, visit http://www.everybodyeatsfoundation.org/ to donate.

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